On Understanding the Truth/Expression of the Human Spirit

Posted on Jul 30, 2012 in Blog, On Spiritual Wealth

Here is some writing that expresses an important point: How do you come to believe what you believe? Alexander Green is a financial writer, but I appreciate his well thought out discourse about what he believes beneath his understanding of making money, something we all need to do to varying degrees… The Noblest Expression of the Human Spirit by Alexander Green Dear Reader, Here’s a riddle: What is the secret of eloquence, the standard of...

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Let’s Get Physical

Posted on Mar 15, 2010 in Blog, On Spiritual Wealth

The Road Not Taken by Alexander Green Dear Reader, In the first half of our nation’s history, most Americans earned a living in tough, physical jobs like farming, mining, animal husbandry, forestry or construction. But today, we live in a white-collar world. Most of us do little physical labor. If we don’t make a concerted effort to exercise, we get none. Yet according to Dr. Barry Franklin, head of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at the...

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Tolstoy on what really matters

Posted on Jun 19, 2009 in Blog, On Spiritual Wealth

Tolstoy’s Forbidden Book by Alexander Green Dear Reader, Russian writer Leo Tolstoy was one of the greatest novelists of all time. His two masterpieces, “War and Peace” and “Anna Karenina,” are widely regarded as the very pinnacle of realist fiction. In many ways, Tolstoy had it all. By his mid-40s, he was rich, in perfect health and at the height of his fame. He was also wracked with despair. Despite his worldly success, Tolstoy felt...

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On Spiritual Wealth

Posted on Jun 14, 2009 in Blog, On Spiritual Wealth

The following outlines one of my mentors when I was deciding on what to study in the field of psychology. I was drawn to study the exceptional and learn from them versus observing the dysfunctional as many have and continue to do. Maslow made the same choice. Here is an article that I enjoyed. I hope you will, too. Beyond Self-Actualization by Alexander Green Dear Reader, Throughout the 20th century, most psychological research focused on the...

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