What if your organization had a culture that truly cultivated and rewarded creativity?

CreativQuest can support your organization in creating a corporate culture of innovation. From an Innovation Assessment Profile, to unique interactive workshops and the implementation of a long term innovation and idea development tool, CreativQuest is committed to creating lasting culture change that allows individuals and organizations an opportunity for insight into how to make innovation a pillar of organizational culture.

CreativQuest Tools for Success:

  • OUR ASSESMENTS: We believe that for organizations to be innovative, they must transform their cultures. Our assessment tools will provide your company with insight into your cultures readiness for change and innovation (RTCP) and a baseline of organizational culture (OOI). By providing pre and post assessments we can help design high impact, customized consulting services that will bring your organization the best return on investment.
  • RTCP – The Readiness to Change Profile
    Organizational change affects everyone differently. Although some people respond positively to change, others are less receptive. Typically, organizations or teams will have a unique orientation to change and the RTCP measures your organization’s attitude towards change.
  • OOI – Organizational Orientation Profile (OOI)
    Organizational culture is the personality of an organization and is defined as the underlying assumptions and values that create a common experience for organizational members. Organizational culture exists at multiple layers, and the OOI measures the following five (5) dimensions of culture – Leadership, Norms, Values, Beliefs, and Performance.
  • Camp InnovateCamp Innovate engages your team in a hands on experience that impacts culture change simultaneously at the individual team and organizational level.
    Program Goals

    • To provide individuals opportunities to re-define limited definitions of creativity and innovation.
    • To engage corporate leadership in the process of transforming organizations into cultures that foster creativity and innovation.
    • To challenge individuals to unfreeze limited thinking and to become fully engaged in the process of innovation.
    • To examine current business challenges through new ways of thinking and innovating
    • To launch a corporate environment that incubates innovate ideas and products.
    • To discover what internal mechanisms currently prevent or facilitate innovation on teams and in the culture
    • To foster organizational environments of trust, communication, collaboration, and synergy that are essential to high performing cultures and particularly to cultures of innovation.
    Idea River provides the ultimate “stick factor” for organizations committed to creating cultures of innovation. Used in the implementation phases of an Innovation Initiative, Idea River helps companies focus on discovering new ideas, developing new initiatives, and most importantly, creating ways to implement them on a long term basis. It includes a subscriber-based software component to succinctly guide teams through the idea management process. With this tool, an organization can merge knowledge paths and leverage them across knowledge networks