CreativQuest Consulting is a network of Leadership Strategists coaching and partnering to support the best outcome for clients.

Dennis Alimena, Ph.D. in Leadership

Dennis Alimena, founder of CreativQuest, has had a career involved with start-ups, sales, culture shaping, organizational development, training, coaching, and consulting.  He is a student of companies and universities that are attempting to teach leadership. He is thoroughly knowledgeable about the excellent West Point program, and he has coached and is still coaching business leaders who attended West Point as cadets. He has a personal mission of making a difference through leadership and understanding relationships.

  • 15 years of experience in the international business arena.
  • Executive coach to senior executives, CEOs and Boards of Directors of global companies
  • Internationally recognized for his seminars on Vision and Change
  • Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from California University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. from Temple University in Leadership and Group Dynamics
  • Interested in companies that desire to improve their leadership culture.

Robert C. Carroll, Colonel US Army Retired

Bob Carroll brings the perspective of leadership from both the military and the corporate world.  He has taught leadership to sergeants and generals, to supervisors and CEO’s.  He combines excellent platform, facilitation, and coaching skills with a true appreciation for bottom line results. His knowledge of West Point and its leadership development system is outstanding.

  • Graduated from the United States Military Academy.
  • Taught leadership at West Point.
  • In charge of the Army’s Leader Development Program at the Pentagon.
  • Consulted and taught leaders around the business world for the past 15 years.
  • Master of Arts in Sociology from Northwestern University and Master of Public Administration from Auburn University
  • Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School

Ernest L. Webb, Lieutenant Colonel US Army Retired

Ernie Webb draws leadership knowledge from a wide range of Army experiences (enlisted soldier, top leader as a cadet, outstanding commander in battle and in garrison, author of extensive writings on leadership) and from teaching and coaching an equally wide range of leaders in corporate America (senior executives from many different industries, middle managers in a variety of settings, and foremen and supervisors at the working level). He is well known for being a charismatic leader and a dynamo in front of an audience.

  • Graduated from the United States Military Academy.
  • Master of Arts from Columbia University in New York City
  • Taught English Literature at West Point.
  • Author of a unique book on life of cadets at West Point, “West Point Sketch Book”.
  • Recognized as one of the Army’s bravest heroes in Vietnam, having been wounded in action and having received five decorations for valor.
  • Edited and produced an award winning issue on “leadership”, as Editor-in-Chief of America’s largest military journal, Military Review,
  • Consulted and taught leaders at all levels in a wide range of companies across the US.