Our Leadership Manifesto

Our passion is to help facilitate insights for leaders and their organizations AND to help bring those insights to life. We know that insight alone will not manifest change, but will need reinforcement and support to become part of the business culture. The sole focus of CreativQuest is to help leaders build cultures of healthy high performance and innovation.

All successful firms build on their core Distinctive Competence; the thing they do better than anyone else. The heart of CreativQuest’s distinctive competence is the ability to connect people in the workplace at a deeper more transformational level. Our leadership, energy management, and healthy high performance grounding all rely on this to set us apart from other consulting and change management firms. This competence resides in the inherent beliefs we have about people and organizations.

“Simplicity that lies on the other side of complexity” is where we aim our processes and our client’s intentions. The workplace gets complicated. As a result, individuals and organizations may live in an “unhealthy normal” state. The CreativQuest consulting process helps individuals and organizations reflect, then transform and create change at all levels of the organization.

Through insight learning methodologies and a strong belief that what is needed is already there in you and your organization, our experiential methodology energizes you and organizational forces to move you through a transformational journey. The transformational pathways are:

  • Leadership
  • Human Energy Management
  • Healthy High Performance

Dennis Alimena, founder of CreativQuest, with Oris Stuart and Deb Cummins doing some high level brainstorming


  • Start at the “top of the house” – leaders set the tone for their organization’s culture. Leaders hold the “keys to the kingdom” in metaphorical and real terms.
  • Leaders do not have all the answers. Effective leaders know the right questions.
  • Wisdom lies in the collective minds of the team. “All of us are better than any one of us.”
  • Relationship power is everything. A leader can be anyone and come from anywhere in the organization. Position Power has a role; however, Relationship Power has an even greater role. Lateral Leadership is critical for Senior Leadership Teams.
  • Business acumen is a sine qua non for a successful leader. One must know the fundamentals of their organization’s business model and how the system interacts.
  • Force and Power are two complementary energies that can be constructively managed in the culture formation process.
  • OrthoAlignment™ of strategy, structure, technology, and human capital accelerates successful execution of the business model.
  • Effective organizational leadership starts with an exploration into Self Leadership.

Dennis Alimena truly “Brings Insights to Life”!