10 Step Culture Transformation Model CreativQuest:

This is a guideline for how CreativQuest helps leaders orchestrate a successful culture transformation (a metamorphosis).

Step 1 – Build the compelling story

  • Find an inspiring purpose
  • Identify strategic measurable actions
  • Create “Future Pull” as well as the “Burning Platform”
  • Share the “Business Case for Cultural Transformation” in a general and industry comparison way

Step 2 – Create a baseline understanding

  • “Realistic Optimism” – face the facts, believe in the future
  • Establish benchmarks (culture surveys, interviews, possible focus groups, current research, competitor analysis)
  • Determine ROI

Step 3 – Report findings

  • Gain alignment on strategic approach to culture transformation; “from – to”
  • Share results with CEO and President, including personal feedback
  • Share results with key stakeholders, gain support

Step 4 – Identify strategic levers to transform the culture (people and environments) – focus on “strategic pillars” of culture change

  • OrthoAlignment™, Humanomics, Energy Management, Lateral Leadership
  • Whole Thinking Style
  • Healthy High Performance; overcoming Dysfunctions:
    – Building trust
    – Achieving an Accountable Mindset
  • Expulsive Power
  • Innovation
  • Inclusion (people, environment, ideas)
  • Execution of strategy

Step 5 – Model the Way (Insight Retreat)

  • Senior Team experience (self-awareness, alignment, strategic focus, ownership/accountability)
  • Shared Vision; Shared Leadership; Shared Values
  • Clear Roles and Responsibilities
  • Healthy relationships

Step 6 – Strategic Leadership Action

  • Senior Team Plan – Power Pairs, Power Teams
  • Continual Learning and Development
  • Practice the culture of the future (Be the Change you Want to see…)

Step 7 – Develop Transformational Cadence

  • Leader Ownership (CEO, President)
    – Execution of strategy
    – Communication of results
    – Refine mission and strategic imperatives
    – Corporate Work-Out sessions
    – Simplify. LEAD.
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Align Work Forces and workforce (cadence) toward the new culture

Step 8 – Roll out culture transformation to direct reports

  • Refine, re-new
  • Report back to Senior Leadership Team
    – Meeting attendance
  • Feedback, benchmark progress

Step 9 – Empower Culture Leadership Team/ Process Alignment

  • Owned by CEO, President, COO
  • Supported by HR, Finance, IT
  • Define common language, symbolism, and process
  • Align professional resources to identify and address environmental, human resources and organizational issues that can unfreeze or unleash the desired culture
    – performance appraisals
    – career planning
    – bonuses
    – values
    – on-boarding
    – work schedules
    – technology enablers
    – complaint processes
    – recognition and awards
    – leadership development
    – training and education

Step 10 – Execute full scale, bottoms up culture transformation process

  • Appreciative inquiry base
  • Strategic initiatives focused on building critical mass of understanding cultural values and vision
  • Engineered to support, reinforce, and provide feedback for Senior Leadership